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Searching for Florida medical insurance is easy if you have the right tools on your side. There are many different health insurance companies in Florida so it is important to shop around and compare FL medical insurance plans. Use our free quote finder to shop rates from top companies today!

Major Medical Insurance in Florida

The building block for good health and a sound financial future begins with a Florida major medical health insurance plan. The term “major medical” is typically used to define coverage for hospital stays, surgery, and other large medical bills. This type of coverage is also sometimes referred to as a Florida catastrophic health insurance plan.

The reason why having a Florida medical insurance plan with at least a base amount of major medical coverage is that major medical coverage offers protection against the large and unexpected medical bills that if not prepared for can most often lead to financial catastrophe. Large medical bills are one of the key drivers in personal bankruptcy. Choosing a Florida medical insurance plan that has adequate major medical coverage will help to protect against this type of financial difficulty.

It is important to keep in mind that not all major medical insurance plans in Florida are the same. Some plans will cover all medical expenses up to $3,000,000 or more after an out of pocket maximum is reached while other plans will only cover major medical expenses up to a total covered benefit of $10,000 or less. Essentially, you get what you pay for when it comes to major medical insurance in the state of Florida. Shopping around and comparing quotes from different Florida medical insurance providers is key.

Other Medical Insurance Plans in Florida

Major medical plans are just one type of FL health insurance plan. There can be an almost dizzying array of options when it comes to finding the best Florida medical insurance plan. If options like PPO, HMO, POS, HSA, MSA, indemnity, HDHP, copay, and more cause you to have a headache just looking at some of the various acronyms and terminology then take a look at some of the below simple tips for finding great medical insurance in Florida and simplify your search:

  • Shop Around – Rates can change often and in fact rates can also vary dramatically from one FL insurance company to the next. You can potentially save literally $1,000’s off of your annual health insurance premiums simply by taking the time to shop around. It is also important to note that different companies have different criteria for being accepted onto their plan. If you apply for and get declined for Florida health insurance then that is not to say that another company will not accept you.
  • Choose an Independent Agent – After you have compared quotes then work with an independent FL health insurance agent that can help you make sense of all of the different companies and options. Your goal should be to work with an agent that has a firm grasp of the different plans from the top FL insurance companies like Golden Rule (United Healthcare), Humana, BCBS of FL, Assurant, Aetna, etc. Be careful about working with an agent that will only show you Florida medical insurance quotes from one company. If your agent is pushy about trying to force only one company’s plans on you and will not show you quotes from other companies to compare then find a new agent that can give you more unbiased advice.
  • Stay Away from Gimmicks – Your #1 goal should be to find the best Florida medical insurance plan at the best price that will give you comprehensive coverage that you can rely on. Don’t be swayed into choosing an inferior health plan by gimmicks like a free gym club membership, membership in a discount club, etc. These extras can be great things but that is just what they are – extras. Make sure that finding a quality FL health plan remains the top priority.

Florida Children’s Medical Insurance

Children in Florida (under the age of 19) have some additional health insurance options. The first thing to know is that if you have a child and are on a Florida health insurance plan when you conceive then by Florida health insurance law you have 31 days to add the newborn child onto your health insurance plan and if you enroll the child onto your plan within those 31 days then the insurance company must accept your child onto the plan regardless of health conditions.

An additional consideration is that if your family income is below a certain level then the State of Florida has a program called Florida KidCare which is designed to provide Florida medical insurance for uninsured children. Florida KidCare is also known as Florida Healthy Kids.

Children’s health insurance in Florida is actually quite affordable if you shop around. Some popular options for child health insurance plans in FL is the copay option which offers doctor office visits, shots, prescriptions, and more for a small per occurrence payment called a copay.

Top Florida Medical Insurance Companies

Some of the best Florida medical insurance companies are included below in list form. The companies are ranked in order of best to worst but keep in mind though that this list is very subjective and no one company is best for everyone. Your specific needs and personal details will determine which FL medical insurance company is best for you.

  • Golden Rule (United Healthcare) – Florida residents can feel very confident if they have a plan from Golden Rule which is a part of the United Healthcare family of companies and a part of the very large nationwide United Healthcare network of Doctors and Hospitals.
  • Humana (Humana One) – Florida health plans from Humana have continued to increase in both benefits and comprehensive coverage. While the Humana network is not quite as large as the United Healthcare network Humana offers some great FL medical insurance benefits.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida – BCBS of FL is a very well known company and has a large network of health care providers in Florida.
  • Assurant – Florida medical insurance plans from Assurant are divided into 2 main categories: comprehensive coverage and limited benefit. The comprehensive coverage plans have great benefits that rival those of UHC, Humana, or BCBS while their limited benefit plans although lacking in coverage can be a very affordable option for those who cannot access traditional coverage.
  • Aetna – Florida health plans from Aetna boast a strong nationwide network of providers and other great healthcare options.

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